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My Sutter Online is a healthcare portal primarily designed to connect more than one million patients with specialist physicians across the United States. Patients or registered users can use this online platform to find doctors close to them.


In addition, My Health Online Sutter’s platform allows the appointment of the respective doctors here on this portal to request laboratory tests. The platform helps users store their medical records, lab test results, and diagnostic reports, which doctors can learn more about their patients’ health conditions.


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The MySutterOnline Login platform is operated by the Sutter Health Organization, which strives to provide the best healthcare services through a dedicated healthcare team that can be contacted via the messaging feature of the web portal. More importantly, the web portal is also available as a mobile app called “Sutter Health My Health Online.”

My Health Online Sutter values ​​and supports each employee’s unique talents and strengths to our organization. My Sutter Online Login allows users to use his passion for healing to care for patients and their families in innovative ways.

My Sutter Online Login Procedure

Suppose you wish to log into your account on the web portal. Then read the complete guide to My Sutter Online Login below. Your health information will be accessible to you anywhere and at any time, so you can access them whenever you feel the need.


  • Visit the web address Login to My Health Online from your device.
  • The login page will appear. Enter your login ID and password you created during the registration process.
  • Then tap on the “Login” option on the right side of the page.
  • Now you can access all features offered by the My Health Online Sutter web portal.

Requirements For My Sutter Online Login 

  • You can access My Sutter Online Login at the following URL:
  • The more valid your username and password are, the less likely you are to run into problems.
  • Secure and reliable internet access for your tablet or smartphone will enhance your online experience.

How To Enroll On The My Sutter Online Web Portal?

If you wish to open or register an account on the My Sutter Online platform at, please follow the detailed instructions below.

  • First, log in to My Health Online: Select a web address for the sign-up method using your device’s browser.
  • On the registration page, enter personal information such as first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, email address, contact number, etc., as required by the website.
  • Then follow the instructions on the next page to set up your account ID and password.
  • Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a passcode that you can use to access your device.
  • Now visit the Start Activation webpage and enter your birthdate and password to activate your account.
  • See our Broward SSO article to learn how to log into your account securely.

How To Recover Your Account At My Sutter Online?

To recover your My Sutter Online web portal at account without username and password. Follow the detailed tutorial below. Occasionally, users have difficulty recalling their username or password to perform the My Sutter Online Login process for unknown reasons. Those who are also victims can reset their passwords following the instructions below.

Forgot Login ID

  • Click on the “Forgot my login ID” option on the login page.
  • Then enter your last name, first name, date of birth, and email address.
  • After that, tap on the “Next” option.
  • After completing the verification process, you will receive an email containing your default login ID.

My-Sutter-Online-Reset Credentials

Forgot Password

  • From this page, select the “Forgot my password” option.
  • Then enter your login ID in the requested area and click the “Next” icon.
  • Now follow the instructions on the new page.
  • After following the instructions, click the Next icon again.
  • Please enter your new password on the newly loaded page and confirm the password by typing it again.
  • Finally, tap on the “Send” option.

Benefits Of My Sutter Online At

Video Visits: Virtually see your doctor or clinician from the comfort of your home. You can schedule video visits with your care team through My Health Online. Visits to a Sutter doctor are also offered for general health concerns.

Outpatient care: Convenient care for common illnesses and health needs.

Urgent Care:  For care that is needed now but is not an emergency.

Flu Resources: Schedule your annual appointment and get flu information.

Symptom Checker: Our interactive symptom checkers can help you find medical care. Answer questions about yourself and your health. Enter your medical symptoms to get your health check. Enter your location to find a facility near you on the Sutter Health Network.

Sutter News: Connects you to important health news on the Sutter Health Network.

Annual Report: Stories of hope and inspiration from our patients and caregivers.

Awards: View Sutter Health Network awards and recognitions.

Quality: Quality and affordable service go hand in hand.

Community Benefit: Every year, we donate millions of dollars in support and services to the communities we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our dedicated team is dedicated to valuing each individual and addressing health inequity in a comprehensive way.

Features Of The My Sutter Online Web Portal

My Health Online Sutter’s health portal offers patients and registered users many functions. Features like:

  • My Sutter Online platform helps users or patients to find doctors near them.
  • Patients registered on this portal can store all medical letters, laboratory results, and diagnostic reports here on the platform.
  • The respective specialists and doctors can view these medical letters and other important files online.
  • Furthermore, the My Sutter Online platform helps users or patients to update their documents and profile as needed here on this online portal from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Through these portals, users can schedule appointments with specialist doctors in advance.
  • In addition, the My Sutter Online portals help users connect with Sutter’s healthcare team for advice and guidance through direct messages.
  • Patients can also request laboratory and diagnostic tests on this portal. And get the reports of these tests right here on this portal.
  • The My Sutter Online web portal is a cloud-based platform that securely stores all patient records on the company’s private servers for better data security.
  • Also, you can get SMS notifications and notifications about expected dates and due dates of test results, etc., through this web portal.

My Sutter Online Mobile Application

As well as providing health services through hospitals and an online portal, the company offers a number of other benefits. The MyHealthOnline Sutter Health organization has a mobile app version of the online web platform. Sharing access to web portal functionality on a more widely used platform.

For example, cell phones with an application installed and Internet access. Through MyHealthOnline Sutter Health’s app, patients can access all the features offered by the My Sutter Online website. You can also access additional features like paying bills, ordering prescription refills online, managing multiple family accounts at once, accessing family health information, and more.


Use your MyHealthOnline Sutter Health account at MySutterOnline to manage your health information and message your doctor and medical staff from your mobile device. With Sutter Health’s My Health Online mobile app, you can:

  • Send a message to your doctor and medical staff.
  • Check the test results.
  • Request prescription top-ups
  • Schedule and manage your appointments
  • Book same-day video tours
  • Check and pay your bill.
  • View your vaccination history, medication, and health reminders
  • Access your family’s health information through proxy access

You must have an active My Sutter Online account before using the mobile app. If you don’t already have a My Health Online account, learn how to register on our website:

Official NameMy Sutter Online
Portal TypeLogin
Managed BySutter Health
Primary ServiceHealthCare Related

Treatments And Services At MySutterOnline

Primary Care

Experience the best quality of life with the help of providers who understand your health needs. From small questions to big decisions, Sutter Health Network’s GPs and other healthcare professionals are always willing to guide you through any concerns you may have. We are there when you need us, where you need us.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Services

A woman’s pregnancy and birth are likely to be some of her most memorable experiences. Within the Sutter Health network, pregnancy and midwifery teams are with you every step of the way, from hearing your first fetal heartbeat to meeting your baby for the first time. Visit our home birth preparation classes.

Behavioral Health Care

Whether you or a loved one suffers from depression, anxiety, grief, or another mental health issue, or whether you struggle with substance abuse or alcoholism, you need help now. Sutter Health can help you and your family get your life back on track.

Gynecology and Women’s Health Services

Women have unique and essential health needs. Whether you have a baby, need a physical exam, or need treatment for a specific condition, Sutter Health’s network of healthcare professionals offers compassionate professional services to keep you healthy and meet your needs.

Pediatric Services

Childhood, childhood, and adolescence are exciting and sometimes challenging years for parents. Within the Sutter Health Network, you’ll find pediatric care teams committed to your and your child’s health every step of the way.

Imaging Services

Sutter Health’s network imaging services can help your medical team find and correct the problem if you have a heart attack or a persistent cough. Our diagnostic imaging centers offer the latest in diagnostic imaging technology and provide expert care close to you.

About My Sutter Online Health

A non-profit healthcare organization founded 100 years ago in 1921 primarily to integrate technological tools with industry to improve the country’s healthcare system. During the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, the hospital’s establishment was the primary reason for the hospital’s establishment. Founder John Augustus Sutter established the first hospital in Sutter’s Fort to provide healthcare to those suffering from the Spanish flu pandemic.My-Sutter-Online-Medicare Center

The My Health Online Sutter organization also established new hospitals in major cities, acquired many non-profit hospitals in different states, and converted them into Sutter Health medical centers. Currently, Sutter Health Company offers several hospital departments and clinics for residents of the states of California and Hawaii.

Like Sutter Bay Medical Foundation, Sutter Bay Hospitals, Sutter Valley Medical Foundations, Sutter Valley Hospitals, My Sutter Health Online,  and many more. In other words, the organization has more than 24 acute care hospitals in different locations in the two states in which it operates. Sarah Krevans is the organization’s president and CEO (CEO). In addition, the healthcare organization currently employs over 55,000 people in its hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the “My Sutter Online” web portal?

The My Sutter Online web portal ( offers patients who register and My Sutter Online Login on their account to gain this platform’s benefits such as scheduling appointments, connecting with care teams, access to laboratory test results and diagnostic reports, downloading medical information online, and much more.

Name some alternatives for the “MyHealthOnline Sutter Health” mobile application?

GoodRx Pro, Live Health Online, SCL Health My Chart, Blue Care on Demand, Amwell: 24/7 doctor appointments, etc., are some popular alternatives of the mobile app in question. They are available for download for the respective devices from the App Store and Google Play Store.

What are the states where the My Sutter Health Online Organization operates?

My Sutter Online health Organization operates more than 24 critical care hospitals, various medical facilities, clinics, etc. in California and Hawaii, United States of America.


This article features an overview of the “My Sutter Online” web portal, including its many features and benefits for patients and registered users. Furthermore, you can use the user login guides provided in the article to perform login, registration, account recovery, and password change procedures on the web portal in question.

In addition to these portals, My Sutter Online shares information about the significant technical problems with the platform, how they can be avoided, and how to fix them. Learn more about the Sutter Health Company, its history at, the Sutter Health My Health Mobile Application, current service areas, and types of hospitals. In addition, the above sections provide a detailed tutorial on how to apply for career opportunities at the My Sutter Health Online

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