We have over a million Sutter patients like you who can access their doctors and medical records online, anywhere, anytime. Your doctor will always be able to keep in touch with you as well as get a hold of your medical records whenever you need them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use My Health Online?

My Sutter Online patient services are available to individuals cared for by one of our affiliated medical foundations or participating community physicians. People aged 12 and over can participate. Registration is only permitted to young people between the ages of 12 and 17 with parental permission. Children under 18 can also request access to and manage their personal health information through their parents or legal guardians. Please note that California law restricts parental access to medical records between ages 12 and 17.

Is it necessary to have a unique email address in order to access MHO?

It is required for users to have an email address in order to access the MHO. If you are having trouble obtaining an email address, you can obtain your medical records by calling your doctor’s office or Health Information/Medical Records Management.

Is my access code my Login ID?

No, your access code is not your username or password. You only use this code once to login and set your login ID and password. The code expires after use or after 30 days.

Why can’t I schedule or request a visit with one of my hospital providers?

Currently, My Health Online only supports messaging, scheduling, and billing functionality for services provided in most outpatient centers and physician offices. Don’t hesitate to contact the hospital directly if you have questions about a service you received there.